Our graduates

  • Valentina Burdina
    Valentina Burdina
    Course С#
    A year and a half ago, a friend and I decided to create a website for his poems. I started learning HTML, but I lacked the basic knowledge to understand how it even worked. So I came to DevEducation. At first it was very difficult — I couldn't solve any of the homework problems given the first week. I thought I wouldn't be able to get where I needed to. So I started spending all my free time in the classroom. By the end of the second month of training, I realized that I found coding interesting. Now I do it every day. And recently, I had my first interview for a junior backend developer position. Thank you so much DevEducation for the opportunity to reach my potential and get a job in IT!
  • Yevgeniya Derkach
    Yevgeniya Derkach
    Course С#
    The C# course is great. The teachers do a great job, and they explain complex material simply and easily. If there's still something you're not sure about, you can stay after class or come along another day to make sense of it all. And you get a lot of practice! This gives you all the knowledge you need to work on real projects once the course is over. The college also provides you with the opportunity to interview and get a job at a partner company.
  • Pavel Orlov
    Pavel Orlov
    Course С#
    DevEducation has some of the best programming courses! They give you a strong foundation and really develop your coding skills. It's significant that the teachers at the college are working developers. This means that the knowledge you get is up to date. In addition to learning the basics of programming, you also learn communication and teamwork skills. This is a very important part of your personal and career growth. I also want to mention the positive atmosphere and the teachers’ sincere desire to help!
  • Polina Kostereva
    Polina Kostereva
    Course С#
    DevEducation employs experienced and patient teachers who are able to find teaching methods to suit very different kinds of people. They give you a solid theoretical foundation, which is then consolidated through a lot of practice. And they’re always ready to explain things again and provide support. The college itself has well-equipped classrooms with all the equipment you need to make progress in IT!

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